Botech Solutions

Discover our new Isoph technology


Botech Solutions

Discover our new Isoph technology


Innovative solutions

BOTECH Solutions is the place where you can find the latest BOTECH technologies.

A space to put at your disposal the most innovative and avant-garde solutions of the company.  Continuous innovation is a maxim for us and BOTECH Solutions is the place to share all our new technologies with you.

  • Free technology oriented to companies, SMEs, freelancers.
  • Jobs have changed radically with the forced arrival of teleworking, and sometimes the computer itself is the same for other non-work activities. A situation, the current one, where the main work tool, and where confidential and relevant information is kept, is being targeted by cybercrime.
  • ISOPH facilitates the “diagnosis” of your computer so you can take appropriate measures to address their vulnerabilities and have your computer safe and 100%.
Botech Sotutions Evita y mitiga vulnerabilidades en tiempo record

Avoid and mitigate vulnerabilities in record time

Botech Solutions, impide pérdidas por incidentes de ciberseguridad

Prevents losses due to security incidents

Botech Solutions, Obtén resultados inmediatos

Get immediate results

Receive full recommendations

Sergio Suaréz, CEO of pyme

“ I used to think that using an antivirus was enough to be 100% protected, but ISOPH has proved me wrong and has showed me how to solve problems found in my device”

Elisa González, freelance

“Thanks to ISOPH I was able to detect my equipment vulnerabilities and solve them”

María Garrido, market manager

“For my organization, it was crucial to know which systems could be entry points for incidents and ISOPH solved this problem for us. Highly recommended”

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